Formed Sunday 5th December 1976 (More...)

Nick Cash - Guitar/Vocals
Pablo Labritain - Drums

Guy Days - Guitar/Vocals
Arturo Bassick - Bass/Vocals


Seasons Greetings from 999

No gigs just when we were itching to play the songs from our new album Bish! Bash! Bosh! on tour however, we are raring to go and reckon the atmosphere at shows will be fantastic when we all finally all get our freedom back. Special thanks to Kevin who has kept the website going through lockdown and indeed for many, many years now and also Cleopatra Records for giving us the opportunity to cut our new album.

Keep on rockin� see you all as soon as possible!

Long live the music.

Good luck, Happy Christmas and a very merry New Year.

Nick, Guy, Arturo, Pablo and Stoo.

HRH Punk O2 Academy, Sheffield, Saturday 2nd October

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