Formed Sunday 5th December 1976 (More...)

Nick Cash - Guitar/Vocals
Pablo Labritain - Drums

Guy Days - Guitar/Vocals
Arturo Bassick - Bass/Vocals

MESSAGE FROM NICK / 999 (December 2015)

Thanks to everyone who supported 999 and came to our shows over the course of 2015. Next year will be our 40th year together and we have quite a few shows planned so come and enjoy the celebrations. We will be playing the Rebellion festival Blackpool again for their 20th anniversary show 999 have appeared at all of them so should be a good one. Special thanks to the guy I met at our show in the Czech Republic who told me he was previously imprisoned by the disposed communist regime for listening to 999's Nasty Nasty in his apartment he told me he was so happy to able to attend our concert a free man I felt extremely honoured to hear this.

A huge thank you from 999 to Kevin for all his patience and hard work on the website!

Happy Christmas and Good luck for 2015.

Nick and 999

Show added at the 3 Tuns, Gateshead

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